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Beyonce-Jay-Z splitsville rumors continue


While music’s biggest mega-couple — Beyonce and Jay-Z — continue to appear loving and devoted to each on stage (as they just did at Soldier Field Thursday night), and in when seen out in public, rumors continue to fly about trouble in the superstar couple’s marriage.

Along with what I’m hearing from my own sources — who are close to Beyonce — the New York Post’s Page Six column published a very lengthy, in-depth report Sunday, noting a series of clues that all is not well in Mr. and Mrs. Carter’s relationship.

However, as a longtime friend of Beyonce’s told me Sunday afternoon, “I would be very surprised if they did anything public about any of this — anytime soon, if ever. … They are both so focused on being in control, being on top of the music and entertainment world,” I would be shocked if they separated in any public way.”

The source also added, “Don’t forget, their being a couple is a huge part of who they are as musical artists. It’s making them a fortune — a mega-fortune! … If nothing, else, they will keep going just to keep the money flowing.”

The couple’s current “On the Run” tour is expected to gross a mind-boggling $100 million. According to the International Business Times, the duo’s combined net worth is said to be nearly $1 billion.

†Among issues raised by the Post story and other reports: Beyonce is tired of being under the thumb of her husband who is a total control freak, like her father Matthew Knowles, who previously managed her career and controlled all aspects of her young life.

Meanwhile, as usual, Camp Carter is keeping mum on all the buzz. Only time will tell how it all unfolds.