Hard work and luck — not talent — are largely what drives success, says Grammy-winning DJ-producer and hitmaker David Guetta, whose latest album “7” features collaborations with Sia, Bebe Rexha, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, J Balvin and Martin Garrix, among others.

Question: What’s the formula for success?

Answer: Talent 20 percent, work probably 70 percent and 10 percent of luck.

Q: What was it like to collaborate again with Nicki Minaj and Sia?

A: Nicki Minaj and Sia, they are like old-time partners. I think we made records that were really life-changing together. And I feel like they became such huge stars, and I think it’s amazing that they’re always here from me and really appreciate it.

Q: How do you stay healthy with such a hectic lifestyle?

A: At the moment. I’m doing one city per day. It’s a lot. But it’s the life I chose, and it makes me very happy. So I don’t want to complain. Every job has a little bit of a downside, and probably jetlag will be the big downside of my work. And even after all those years, I still didn’t figure out how to beat jetlag.

Q: Is there anyone else that you really want to collaborate with?

A: I would love to work with Adele. Probably the biggest dream is to find a new Sia — someone that can write and sing and that is unknown and that we can develop something together.