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Ex-‘Biggest Loser’ star says why she left the show


Jillian Michaels, the tough-love trainer on “The Biggest Loser” tells the new issue of People magazine her side of why she’s not returning to the show next season.

Michaels says her decision to exit “Loser” was not because she was “feeling I’m too good for the show,” adding she was grateful for the opportunities it provided her and that she is “sad to leave.”

Michaels claims she did have long-running serious differences with the show’s producing team — especially the way she was portrayed.

While she understood the angle of portraying her as the tough trainer berating the contestants — during the early seasons — she objected to that being a permanent thing.

“In the beginning of the show it was tough love: You saw the tough, and you saw the love,” but in subsequent seasons Michaels told People, there was “none of the payoff, none of the relationships, none of the personal victories were shown.”