Need the perfect snack to eat while binge-watching “The Golden Girls”? There’s a new cereal inspired by your favorites Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose – but good luck getting it.

Pop culture company Funko is selling the limited-time breakfast treat exclusively at select Targets across the nation. Each box also comes with a collectible toy of one of the four “Golden Girls” inside, which makes the retail price of $7.99 per box (a bit) more reasonable.

But thanks to the popularity of the show and huge fanbase, the cereal is already selling out in some stores, which means you may have to shell out some more cash to get your hands on a prized box. On eBay, starting bids are ranging anywhere from $10 to $25 and higher. A box recently sold for staggering $30.50.

The cereal itself is multigrain, blue in color and loop-shaped.

Some lucky cereal-seekers who found boxes in stores have been posting their findings on social media.

A Funko representative told USA Today that once the cereal runs out in stores there are no plans “as of now” for it to return.

Sara M Moniuszko, USA Today