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‘Gone Girl’ director talks Gillian Flynn and more in recent interview

Photo via littlewhitelies.com

The film adaptation of Chicago-based author Gillian Flynn’s mega-bestselling novel Gone Girl is out Oct. 3, and it’s directed by David Fincher. In a recent interview posted on littlewhitelies.co.uk, Fincher (whose past directorial work includes The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network) talked about Flynn’s big screen storytelling acumen and much more.

Gillian Flynn via Chicago Sun-Times

Gillian Flynn via Chicago Sun-Times

“She has… that love of where the audience is in the narrative,” Fincher said. “She was very good at taking things that were 13 chapters into the book and saying, ‘Well, that could be in the introduction.’ She picked out the traits that needed to be dramatised [sic], but didn’t necessarily put them in the same chronological order.”

“My biggest issue was how she was going to handle the diary entries,” Fincher added, referring to a diary kept by Flynn’s protagonist Amy Dunne (played onscreen by Rosamund Pike). “‘If she can figure that out, she should take the thing home.’ That’s the biggest quandary, cinematically speaking. I read her first draft – it was long, but it was all there. She had jumped that hurdle, and so simply.”

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