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Is One Direction headed toward dissolving?

This will likely upset the legion of “Directioners” out there — those avid fans of the mega-hit boy band One Direction — but music industry insiders are saying the band’s days are numbered. That said, the group and its original organizer Simon Cowell are all saying they will continue to tour and record as a four-man team of musicians.

Those reassurances from Team One Direction doesn’t stop the splitsville gossip.

“It’s not just because of Zayn [Malik] leaving,” said a veteran pop music guru Thursday morning. “You’ve got Harry Styles itching to get his solo career off and running, plus the other boys are also talking about going out on their own as well.”

This buzzing about One Direction naturally has ramped up in the wake of Malik’s announcement that he was leaving the group,

While Malik’s statement on the One Direction official Facebook page indicated he was leaving after five years to be a “normal 22-year-old … out of the spotlight,” it is widely assumed it also has to do with his alleged ongoing battles with addiction — and a hope to overcome those demons.