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Kristin Cavallari explains fast post-pregnancy weight loss

Kristin Cavallari at a Sept. 9 event for Michigan Avenue magazine — clearly showing she has quickly lost the weight from her second pregnancy. | Jeff Schear/Getty Images


Always a trim and slim woman, Kristin Cavallari obviously felt she needed to explain how she was able to lose her pregnancy weight, a mere one-month after delivering son Jaxon in May.

In an interview with InTouch magazine, the former TV reality star and wife of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said “I know it’s something that’s hard for a lot of women, but people who say I’m too thin don’t have my body or know what I’m eating.”

Cavallari actually has to deal with the difficulty of keeping weight on. “I got too skinny after Camden [the couple’s first child, was born], so no, I have to make sure I’m eating enough. Everybody’s different.”

Cavallari’s routine? “Eating as naturally as possible. A ton of veggies, a little bit of fruit. And a lot of brown rice and quinoa, grass-fed beef, and fish. I also started working out three weeks after I had Jaxon. Lunges, squats and light weights. I just started Pilates and I love it! It gives me energy,” Cavallari told the magazine.