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Miles Teller admits he still has student loans to pay off

Miles Teller is a hot, highly paid young actor — thanks to star turns in such films as “Whiplash” and the “Divergent” franchise. However, in an interview with Vulture, the actor admitted he still owes some student loans from his time spent studying at New York University.

The Florida native, who now is 28, graduated from NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of Performing Arts in 2009. “My business manager says the interest is so low, there’s no sense in paying them off,” he said. “I can, if I want to have that badge of accomplishment, but until then I still very much have my NYU loans.”

Obviously, Teller will not have any problem eliminating that debt — when he decides to pay it off. On top of his current “Insurgent” film, he has a couple more movies in that “Divergent” series, plus he recently signed on to play Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) in the next “Fantastic Four” films.