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‘Million Dollar Matchmaker’ boosts Chicago’s own ‘Love Blows’

Patti Stanger (left) and Lisa Galos chat about "Love Blows." | Bill Zwecker/Sun-Times

From the moment you meet “Million Dollar Matchmaker” star Patti Stanger and Chicago matchmaker Lisa Galos, you can understand why the two dynamos clicked. Stanger whirled into town the other day to chat about both her own series and “Love Blows,” the new WEtv series (debuting at 9 p.m. Friday). During our interview, the two women were so much in sync, they often finished each other’s sentences.

“Love Blows,” which airs after “Million Dollar Matchmaker,” chronicles the Chicago-based matchmaking service that also includes Galos’ ex-husband Jim, their son and daughter, plus Jim’s former mistress (who snared him away from her former best friend Galos, who still works for the company). As good as the LuvBizChicago team is at fixing up others, they themselves can’t figure out their own love lives.

Got all that?

“I know,” said Galos with a laugh as Stanger guffawed in the background. “Pretty crazy, huh?

Stanger, executive producer of the six initial “Love Blows” episodes, also will appear on the new series herself, just to add a big more spice.

“I’m more about the sex. More about the physical attraction, which Lisa can overlook if there’s a strong financial situation there,” Stanger said. “For example, if they guy is loaded, she’ll say go for it. But Lisa and I — despite our very different philosophies about dating — get on together in a great way. We’re like sisters who do argue a lot, but at the end of the day, really get each other and appreciate each other.”

“Yes, that’s true, about us disagreeing,” admitted Galos, “But I think it’s a whole combination of things that are needed to make things work.”

Both women agreed that the challenges of couples connecting — in a positive, long-lasting relationship — “are much, much, much harder today than they ever were in the past,” said Stanger. “People are so demanding. They want everything to happen instantaneously. They want perfection from others, without presenting it up themselves.”