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New ‘Mission Impossible’ trailer showcases Cruise; Renner absent

A lot of hype has been generated the past couple of days as people begin to see Tom Cruise hanging off that plane in the trailer for “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation,” but some Hollywood types are wondering, “Where’s Jeremy Renner?”

While Renner is not seen in the high-energy first trailer for the July 31 release — expected to be a huge summer blockbuster — I’m hearing that we should not read too much into the actor’s absence in this first glimpse. “There will be a number of trailers coming. Don’t worry about Jeremy not being in the first one,” said a senior Hollywood producer who played down the issue.

“Just look at the credits. Jeremy is listed right after Cruise and right before [fellow co-star] Simon Pegg.”

The Christopher McQuarrie-directed film’s cast will also include Alec Baldwin, Ving Rhames and Sean Harris.