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Real-life ‘Jerry Maguire’ agents showcased in new docu-series

Who can forget “Jerry Maguire” — that sports agent-themed film, starring Tom Cruise, that brought Cuba Gooding Jr. his best supporting actor Oscar for his portrayal of a NFL player.

Now, the Esquire Network is picking up on that concept — but for real. “The Agent,” a 10-episode documentary series focusing on four agents — Jeff Guerriero, Peter Schaffer, Sunny Shah and Ed Wasielewski — has been filming since last fall and will debut this July.

There’s a nice Chicago connection, since the grand finale of this year’s NFL Draft will begin here next week and end on April 5.

The show will follow the often cutthroat professional journeys experienced by those four agents as they play that high-stakes sports game.

Since filming began, the producers have been given exclusive access to the agents’ contract negotiations, endorsement deals, recruiting techniques and meetings with various scouts and NFL players — as they all worked overtime to snare that all-important top draft pick.