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Robert Pattinson-FKA Twigs romance stronger than ever

Despite all kinds of crazy rumors on the Internet, a solid Robert Pattinson source tells me the actor and his girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs, could not be more on-track. “I’ve never seen Rob happier,” said a longtime friend and business associate, who has known the actor since his early days in the “Twilight” franchise.

“The two of them are both such creative, unique individuals. … They are happiest when just in the company of each other. They absolutely do not need an entourage to keep them engaged,” added the source, who stressed the duo share a passionate devotion to various artistic pursuits — and jealously guard their privacy.

“I would be in big trouble just for talking to you, as a reporter,” said the Pattinson pal. “Even though everything I’m telling you in positive and good.”

Twigs, who just performed in Paris on Wednesday (with an adoring Pattinson in the audience), is going to make seven short films in the span of a single week at the Manchester International Festival — July 9-15. It was announced Thursday that spectators will also be able to observe the process, but there is no word on what kind of films she’ll create. It’s also not known if Pattinson will play any role in this project.

Twigs is known for both her music and the very creative videos she makes to go along with her songs.