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Robin Thicke’s new album bombs


Maybe naming an album after your soon-to-be-ex-wife wasn’t such a good idea for Robin Thicke. “Paula,” titled for Thicke’s estranged wife Paula Patton, sold only 24,000 copies in its debut week in the U.S. — and a mere 530 copies in Britain.

The CD, which Thicke heavily promoted prior to its release, includes the single “Get Her Back,” the singer’s very public admission his straying ways had led his wife to give him the boot.

By contrast, Thicke’s 2013 “Blurred Lines” album debuted with 177,000 sales. It went on to sell  7 million tracks — making it the No. 1 hit of last year.

Some think Thicke’s decision to name the album after Patton (without her permission) and the stories about his dalliances may have turned off a big chunk of his fan base.

Furthermore, this new album does not include the kind of high-profile producers as did “Blurred Lines” — which was produced by the likes of Pharrell Williams and Dr. Luke.