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Trio of yoga workouts for moms-to-be

True, it would be a medical miracle if I were pregnant right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try out a DVD for those who are expecting.

Prenatal FlowFrankly, I wish “We Heart Yoga: Prenatal Flow” had been around when I was pregnant all those years ago. I used it on a day my back was achy and boy, did it work wonders. (And stretched out my tight Achilles tendon as well!) This is the brainchild of longtime yoga instructor and celebrity trainer – her clients have included Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale – Jessica James. She designed it and starred in the DVD while pregnant with her second child.

“Prenatal Flow” has three different workouts – 20-, 40- and 60-minute versions – for a reason I like: while pregnant your energy fluctuates so much. The DVD begins with a nice intro that explains how to do the workouts at three different levels or flows.

James is cognizant all the while that those doing these workouts are pregnant. Upfront she urges participants to talk with their doctor first. She reminds them to go slow and take breaks when necessary. During different moves she’ll mention how to adjust the body as the belly expands. All things I thought would be extremely helpful while pregnant.

She emphasizes the importance of proper deep breathing, a skill moms-to-be will appreciate having on delivery day. And I think the 10-minute meditation segment also will come in handy.

James also is good at telling you how your body should be feeling in the different moves – be it the dancing warrior or frogs or other moves. When she talked about how good squats were for an aching lower back, I know I paid attention, did as she instructed and my back was feeling fine once again.

Because she has the three flows/levels, that third one is excellent for a woman who is a seasoned exerciser who wants to continue working her body during pregnancy. All in all “Prenatal Flow” offers solid workouts for any level, ones that should soothe the aches that pregnancy brings.


“We Heart Yoga: Prenatal Flow”

Suggested retail: $22.95

Time: 135 minutes: 3 workouts and more

Words to live by: “What matters most is that you show up on your yoga mat and breathe.”

— Sue Ontiveros