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Tyra predicts look of tomorrow


It’s always tricky to gaze into the future, but that didn’t stop Tyra Banks from predicting the overall look of how people — at least pretty people — will look in the near future.

In an op-ed piece published in the Wall Street Journal Monday, the supermodel and TV personality wrote “As I look into the future, I see radical changes in how people ‘attain beauty,’ and how the world perceives beauty.”

Predicting that value will be placed on “uniqueness” in personal appearances, Banks guesses “plastic surgery will be easy and quick as going to the drugstore for Tylenol.”

She also believes that the ongoing and increasing examples of interracial marriage and coupling will lead skin color and features to “mesh into a similar shade for the majority of people. Typical features and coloring will lean toward a Rihanna or Beyonce or me kind of look.”

Banks is convinced that will nearly eliminate prejudice based on race or physical characteristics.