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William Petersen, back on TV, heads to ‘Manhattan’

Evanston native William Petersen will make his first return to a TV series since leaving “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” by joining the second season of the drama series “Manhattan” on WGN America. The actor will play Col. Emmett Darrow, described as “an enigmatic new ranking military officer at the Los Alamos facility where the world’s first atomic bomb was developed in the 1940s.

The show focuses on the brainy, but emotionally complicated scientists and their families — set in the isolated world of mid-20th Century New Mexico. The title of the show comes from the name of the top-secret project  to develop the bomb — the Manhattan Project.

Petersen’s Darrow character is also very patriotic and deeply religious, and he is fully convinced he has been called by the Almighty to help develop the bomb and bring America’s values and democratic mission to the entire world.

“Manhattan” is scheduled to go into production for its second season in April in New Mexico.

Petersen left “CSI” in 2009 after 10 seasons on the hit series.