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Women scare up the horror stories in ‘XX’

In "The Birthday Party," one of the segments from "XX," a housewife (Melanie Lynskey) has to deal with her husband’s dead body. | Magnet Releasing

Bela Lugosi once said that “women are born with horror in their very bloodstream,” and four female filmmakers are proving it’s in their hearts and minds as well.

It’s a genre in which female directors are largely underrepresented, but the new horror anthology “XX” (at the Music Box Theatre and on demand starting Friday) aims to change that, spotlighting stories created by and featuring women.

Producer Todd Brown came to filmmaker Jovanka Vuckovic with the concept of a female-led movie that would mix genre veterans with newcomers. “He knew being a white man, he couldn’t be the face of this,” says Vuckovic, who’d had a similar idea. She took the project over and rounded up the talent.

“It’d be really great to get to a place where the idea of an anthology directed all by women seems like a backward notion somehow. But right now, it’s so necessary,” says Karyn Kusama, a horror mainstay whose features include “Jennifer’s Body” and “The Invitation.”