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Really epic video from kayak fishermen: A muskie hooked fishing smallmouth bass


Muskie being fought in the Jump River in Sheldon, Wis.

Every once in a while, something really special comes along.

This one comes courtesy of Gary Heinrich of Mokena and his son Dan.

Here’s the long wonderful video embedded below and the story from Gary:


While kayaking a 15 mile stretch of the Jump River in Sheldon Wisconsin my son Dan and I caught numerous smallmouth bass and northern pike. . . .  I’ll send you a video of a fish that I hooked and fought for a while but never landed it because it wouldn’t give up and we didn’t have a net. Many times I tried to get my hand in its gill to land it but it would just take off again and again. I’ll never forget how fortunate I was to fight it as long as I did as I didn’t have a steel leader on my pole because we were fishing for smallmouth . I had a big buzz bait on and the hook was in the corner of its mouth! The last time I tried to land it I actually got my fingers in its gill flap and then it shook his head for the last time and my line broke, needless to say the battle was over and he won!