Wally Neumann showed why many think the world-record muskie swims in Green Bay.

On Saturday, the electrician from Morris was trolling a perch pattern Tyrant Raz Shad with his wife Karen, friend Dick Peart  and his wife Tammy, when . . . well, let Neumann tell it.

“It was the last pass of the night,” he emailed. “We were getting ready to pull lines in when we suddenly got a hit on the line. I grabbed the rod, set the hook, fish immediately came out of the water.

“I knew it was the one I’ve been after my whole life! Been muskie fishing for 41 years and have caught multiple fish over 50 [inches].

“Muskie measured 58 [inches] long and approximate girth was 28 [inches]. Estimated weight a little over 50 pounds. Released it alive.”

More Fish of a Lifetime to come on Green Bay.


Green Bay muskie.

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