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Really big 15-point non-typical buck: From trail camera to Buck of the Week


Trail cam photo of the 15-point non-typical buck arrowed by Tim Bradley in Kane County.
Provided by Tom Welsh

Tim Bradley knew the “Backyard Buck.”

“I’ve been watching him for four or five years on trail cameras,” he said.

Late Friday evening, Bradley cleanly arrowed the 15-point non-typical buck (a main-frame 10) in Kane County.

Archery season has been strong in Illinois, especially the last two weeks. Illinois’ first firearm season is Friday through Sunday. Weather statewide looks decent and the early start to firearm season should have rut activity and tales worthy of Buck of the Week.

Bradley gets BOTW started with a bow kill.

“It was at 35 yards and he was walking, too, kind of scary,” Bradley said. “I grunted at him and he won’t stop. I only had one shot at him.”

He made that one shot count with a compound bow with Ted NugentĀ Arrows. Bradley, a retired Aurora fire captain, sometimes works security at Arcada Theater in St. Charles, where Nugent regularly performs. Bradley sends Nugent photos of deer successes.

“Impressive thing is the body size, phenomenal, he had to be 300 pounds,” Bradley said.

To get it out of the field, he borrowed Mike Horton and his pickup.

“A buck of a lifetime,” Bradley said. “To watch him that many years in a row, made it kind of special. You only get a couple of those in a lifetime.”

Some of us never get that chance.

Steve Malatia, another retired fireman, will do the mount.


Tim Bradley with the 15-point non-typical buck, a buck of a lifetime, he arrowed in Kane County.
Provided: Taken by Denny Frazee