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Really big flatheads from the Fox River: Doubling up for Fishes of the Week


Flatheads caught from the Fox River by Ricky Sjurset left) and Mike Bogdan.

Mike Bogdan and buddy Ricky Sjurset ended August with a pair of beautiful flathead catfish from the Fox River.

“It was a peaceful, cool night with little action till something started harassing our bait,” Bogdan messaged. “One rod took off down river and, after about a 15-minute fight, we netted the 30-pound fish on the right.

“As we are untangling the fish from the net, the rod behind us bends over and takes off. Barely pulled the first fish out of the net before I had to turn around and net the fish on the left, which was 40 pounds.

Sjurset, of Streamwood, is on the left and Bogdan, a Chicagoan, on the right.

“The big ones are far between, but we have some nice ones under our belts,” Bogdan messaged.

The big ones are far between may be an essential truth when it comes to FOTW.


Full length view of Ricky Sjurset (left) and Mike Bogdan doubling up on big flatheads from the Fox River.

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