Exercise Well

While many chefs know they need to take better care of themselves, finding the time and energy to do so after a long shift on their feet can be challenging. But that’s slowly changing.
Even when ab stimulators work as intended, one expert says they won’t “give you those six-pack abs without also incorporating a healthy diet and sufficient exercise.”
Exercise-boosted HDL “good cholesterol” levels “act as a broom by sweeping LDL cholesterol away,” one expert says.
In the U.S., 14 million adults have symptomatic knee osteoarthritis and more than 600,000 undergo total knee replacement surgery each year at a cost of $30,249.
Under most circumstances, it’s nothing to worry about, but if it persists, spreads or gets progressively worse, see a doctor.
Beyond helping build bigger muscles, the weight-bearing exercise also strengthens bones and reduces bone loss, improves posture and supports cardiovascular health.
The American Medical Association has recommendations for making health improvements in 2023 and beyond that it says are within your reach.
Creatine is a naturally occurring compound that our bodies use to help power the skeletal muscles.
Perhaps no other exercise will help build muscle mass as effectively as weight-training. Working with weights will also help maintain and strengthen your muscles.
She’s among the nearly 70 high-profile guests sharing their stories through photos and music with Fitness+ users. The series can be heard on iPhone and Apple Watch.
Earthing, or grounding, is a practice that has likely existed in certain communities for generations even if there wasn’t an exact label for it.
Arlington, Virginia, was the nation’s fittest community for the fifth straight year, the American Fitness Index rankings found. Chicago was No. 10.
Exercising on weekends only can yield the same health benefits as exercising regularly during the week, if you spend enough time at it.
What’s now considered a normal blood pressure range is less than 120/80 mmHg, according to the American Heart Association.
However you’re logging your steps, the data from your device can be hard to interpret. Here’s how to calculate your own steps per mile.
Several years ago, research linked prolonged sitting — that’s eight hours or more per day — to an increased risk of premature death.
Lifestyle changes — reaching a healthy weight and adopting a healthful and balanced diet — are important moves toward reducing your risk of developing the disease.
The pop superstars have added kinetic dance floors and energy-storing stationary bikes to their latest world tour, encouraging fans to help power the show as they dance or spin.
Participants who engaged in resistance training saw an increase of 40 minutes of sleep a night, the best results in the study.
Research published by the New England Journal of Medicine found only slight differences in recovery after a year whether patients had surgery or nonsurgical treatment.