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John Fox clarifies Kevin White shin injury during radio interview

Much has been made about the injury to Bears first-round draft pick Kevin White.

An injured shin just isn’t good enough for some.

Appearing on “Jim Rome” Tuesday with substitute hosts Scott Kaplan and ex-Bronco Billy Ray Smith, Bears head coach John Fox gave some clarification to the rookie wide receiver’s injury issue.

Well, I think he had a shin injury, whether you can call it shin splints or his shin just flared up. It’s probably due to overtraining for the combine [and] a lot of the things you do. We caught it with a week to go in OTAs and shut him down. The key to that is to get him off his legs.

Not satisfied, Kaplan pressed on for more:

“John, I don’t know if you’re reading the papers,” Kaplan said, “but the Chicago papers would have you believe that there’s some sort of major controversy you guys are covering up about this kid.”

Fox didn’t flinch:

Yeah, to be honest, I don’t pay much mind to it. But I just know we’re doing what’s right for the kid and Chicago Bears.

There you have it.

[Fox interview begins at 1:56]