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Otis Wilson says ’85 Bears would rack up fines in today’s NFL

The 1985 Bears were defined by their ruthless defense, which former defensive tackle Steve McMichael best described as a mean pack of dogs.

But according to linebacker Otis Wilson, Chicago’s famed defense couldn’t exist in today’s NFL.

“The way we played, if we did that today, I’d be playing for free. I’d be getting fined every day,” Wilson said during ESPN’s “30 for 30″ film “The ’85 Bears.”

Considering the NFL’s increased focus on player safety – particularly quarterbacks, it’s hard to disagree.

During the 1985 season, the Bears’ tenacious defense routinely forced starting quarterbacks out of the game with bone-crunshing hits.

Nearly every hit in this short clip would likely be flagged or met with a fine in today’s game.

“We dominated games,” Wilson said in the film. “We beat the hell outta people.” The ’85 Bears had 64 sacks and forced 64 turnovers, including six in their 46-10 win over the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

But despite the state of today’s NFL, Wilson said the ’85 Bears would still dominate.

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