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Your favorite Jim McMahon memories and stories

Chicago Sun-Times Sports asked for your favorite memories and stories of 1985 Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon.

And you delivered.

Take a look at some of the better anecdotes that were shared on social media below.

Peter J. Gallanis: I loved it when he wore the Roselle (sp?) headband.

David Reynolds: I wasn’t there, but I know his a** was available for chopper pics.

Ray Boomer Janowski: Took my son to his first Bears game and we ended up tailgating with Jim. He took pictures (I had a beer with him) with us and told some jokes. He was beyond nice to my son. It’s nice when ur childhood heroes live up to it when u meet them

Randy Lukasiewicz: …..going to the Bears 25th Super Bowl Reunion in Chicago and seeing the “punky QB” all decked out in the most colorful sport coat ever along with shades and a tall boy! He later shared the sport coat was in honor of all the colorful personalities teammates of his! A great great memorable event and just like a huge “indoor” tailgate party…

Chris Adkisson: My papaw worked security in the bears locker room for a game. After the game, as he stood there jim mcmahon came up to him and said “hey deputy look alive”… seconds later Walter Payton sprinted past him, dove over a table, and landed in a laundry cart on the other side. Jim got a kick out of my papaws surprise… such a cool cat. Papaw has been assigned to Gerald ford, jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, and numerous other celebs and politicians during local visits… but Jim, Walter, and Dan Hampton were by far his favorite to interact with.


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