This is going to be a short post because well, the best way to avoid the icky morning-after affects of a hangover is to NOT drink too much the night before.

But we’re past that, so let’s look at the few things you can do:

Drink water! Part of the reason you feel so bad is you are dehydrated. So drink water. If cold water is adding to the distress in your stomach, opt for herbal tea.

Try some toast. You’re trying to get rid of the nausea. Go for the pregnant woman’s best friend: a slice of toast (just lightly buttered, if at all). You might nibble on some crackers, too.

Sleep! You probably didn’t get enough last night and that’s adding to your discomfort. Here is hoping you have the day off so you can nap the day away.

Do some very light exercise. Go for a walk. It won’t necessarily get rid of the hangover, but will put you in a better mood.

And forget the other so-called remedies: more alcohol, greasy breakfast, lots of caffeine, sauna or high-impact exercise. There is no proof any of those work and some of them could make you feel so much worse.

Next time? Drink slowly and moderately. Spend the evening talking to friends or, my favorite, dancing. You will feel so much better the next day.