No need to rely on one barre fitness gym or one yoga studio to get you in shape anymore: Class Pass is in Chicago!

Class Pass is a monthly subscription service that allows you to try around 70 different boutique gyms in Chicago – without paying per class or buying a membership at any of them. You pay $99 to go to any of Class Pass’ partner gyms, and you can visit each one up to three times per month.

Are you a runner who needs a little yoga and cross training with weights every so often? Class Pass would be a great choice for you. Lift weights all the time but think you could benefit from Pilates or barre work? Check it out.

Visit the Class Pass website to check out all the different studios who accept it – gyms range from different types of yoga, pilates, high intensity interval training all the way to Sproing, a treadmill class that simulates running on the beach.