I can remember the compression socks on display at the pharmacy near my childhood home. Plain and white. Or, plain and black. That was it.

Wearing them was like having a big arrow on your body yelling, hey, person with a health concern here.

That’s what Kelsey Minarik found, too, when doctors told her to wear them while recovering from a blood clot she suffered during a 2010 flight. Minarik, who was 21 at the time, was more than willing to comply, but wondered why they had to look so blah.

She also figured there was no reason medical support socks couldn’t be in fun patterns and cool colors. Well, they can, as Rejuva, the company that Minarik founded, shows.


Boy, are these fun! Rejuva doesn’t just do socks, either. It also offers tights and leggings. All in fashionable designs and colors. I’ve seen other compression wear online, but I think Rejuva’s colors and styles are a step above. 

Compression stockings generally are worn by those with medical conditions including diabetes, poor circulation (which BTW often occurs during and after pregnancy), varicose/spider veins and blood clots. Lately, athletes who do high-powered training and run marathons also turn to compression socks to help them recover. They are looser higher up the leg but tighter the lower you go to aid in circulation.

And like I said, they used to be downright unattractive. But Rejuva’s products are so very cute and fashionable.

They’re in some stores in the Chicago area, which you can find by plugging in your ZIP code here. Or, you can order them online from the website.