Google has gone way beyond search in its effort to transform our lives. In the technology giant’s secretive innovation lab called Google X, doctors are working to develop nanoparticles that can light up cancer cells and a bracelet that will detect their glow.

The Life Sciences division hopes to change medicine from a reactive, after-the-fact science to be “more proactive and preventative,” according to Andrew Conrad, the division’s head. Conrad took Dr. James Hamblin of the Atlantic on a tour through the Life Sciences lab that is working on cancer.

Right now, you have to go in for testing to find out if your cancer has returned — and it often takes some kind of pain or other event for people to find out they have it in the first place. With this bracelet, people in remission could be made aware quickly if their cancer returns — or it could help someone learn they have it for the first time.

Watch the Atlantic’s video for a peek inside the lab, and to learn how soon we can expect this technology to impact our lives.