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Imerman Angels boosts its outreach to Latinos

Christina Benaiges

In an effort to expand its support to Latinos, Imerman Angels now has its first bilingual cancer support specialist.

Christina Benaiges called Venezuela home before relocating to Chicago in 2013. She was the caregiver for her mother and grandmother, both breast cancer survivors.

Imerman Angels also has plans to launch a second website, in Spanish, as another way to give better access to Latinos and their families.

Imerman Angels is quite an operation. When its founder, Jonny Imerman, was diagnosed at age 26 with testicular cancer, he told me in a long-ago interview he wished he had had someone who had been in his shoes with the same type of cancer; someone who knew just what he was going through as he battled the disease.

Figuring how helpful that could be for others with cancer, he founded Imerman Angels in 2003. The organization pairs a cancer fighter with someone who was fought and survived the same type of cancer. It also provides support for cancer caregivers. The service is free; learn more here.