PHOTO: Even if you’re with a trainer as good as those on “The Biggest Loser,” in the end your results depend on how hard you work to improve yourself.

Two interesting situations have been evident on “The Biggest Loser,” lessons to remember for your own personal journey.

In the first, from the start there has been conflict between contestant Felicia and her trainer, Dolvett. On camera she’s complained she didn’t do well with his style. Dolvett can get in a contestant’s face, and he’s tough, but that usually stems from his seeing that person might not be working to his or her potential. 

And that’s exactly what he’s said to Felicia. She could be working harder. Felicia’s been in danger of being eliminated twice, so maybe Dolvett is right.

On “BL” a person might not be able to pick his or her trainer, but out in the real world you can. That’s why if you don’t think a trainer’s style fits yours, then it might be time to find someone else. It doesn’t matter if your best friend looks like a sculpted goddess after working out with that trainer if you two don’t mesh.

However, the one thing I’d suggest before moving on if you’re in a situation like Felicia’s is to be truly honest with yourself: are you putting in the work you need to have a stronger, healthier body?

The second situation took place last week, when contestants found themselves on new teams. Chicago’s twin brothers Luis and Roberto ended up on opposing teams and Sarah was no longer on Jen’s team. Luis and Roberto always have each other’s backs, and Sarah had bonded strongly with Jen. Having the sudden separation rattled them and other contestants.

The switch-ups probably had a lot of viewers thinking what a crummy twist — especially since Sarah posted the lowest weight-loss percentage on her team and was sent home. But really, it’s a reminder that in the end you have to be ready for changes and always ready to rely on no one — not even a wonderful trainer like Jen — but yourself, first and foremost. The brothers, while disappointed, seemed to get this. Maybe not Sarah so much. She seemed kinda lost without Jen.

“The Biggest Loser” airs on NBC tonight (Jan. 25). Let’s see what new twists unfold.