Having grown up as a daily straphanger on the New York subways, I lay claim to having become unofficially inoculated against every disease known to man or woman very early in life.

I am not a germophobe, but I do the basic common-sense things, including frequent hand-washing and keeping my kitchen and bathroom counters clean. And I never go anywhere (especially on planes) without a packet of antibacterial handwipes. That’s about the extent of it, aside from flushing public toilets with the heel of my shoe rather than my hand, and rinsing the top of any Diet Coke can before I start to sip from it.

But germs DO lurk — on computer keyboards, escalator handrails, ATM machines, paper money, and the list goes on. So I was intrigued by this list of “11 Unhygienic Things You Do Everyday.” Check it out; you might be surprised.