OK Chicago, don’t spend another weekend inside just because it’s January.

We’re tougher than this. And, we’ve got things to do, stuff we might not have done before, because this is a new year and we’re up for new things.

Maybe for you that’ll mean trying a special Vinyasa yoga class led by Shannon Terschluse of Find Your Prana. It’s designed to nourish the muscles that are along the spine as well as those near the abdomen and intestines.

Terschluse will include several twisting poses that are fashioned to aid in detoxifying. Different essential oils will be used, and the 60-minute session will end with a cleansing breathing practice.

And here’s an added plus: the class will include heat-building poses and breath work that certainly could come in handy during Chicago’s coldest days.

The class will begin at 11 a.m. Sunday (Jan, 24) at Studio Fit Chicago, 1011 W. Armitage Ave.  (Go to the second floor.) You can bring your own mat or use one of theirs.

It’s $15, and you must register beforehand. Do that here.

PHOTO: Shannon Terschluse, Find Your Prana

NOTE: Story updated to include information on mats.