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Sue’s Morning Stretch: Music hits & HIIT in Leslie Sansone’s ‘Radio Remixes’

The fun factor’s always high in Leslie Sansone’s Just Walk DVDs. “Radio Remixes” is no exception.
LeslieSansoneRadioRemixThe twist here teams remixes of high-energy hit pop songs (“Get the Party Started,” “I Like to Move It”) with workouts that include 30-second bursts of HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Hits and HIIT; get it? HIIT is big these days because it involves less time and the short explosion of amped-up exercise confuses the muscles and experts believe it keeps you burning calories long after the workout ends. Sansone explains that as the workout goes on.

Sansone has a warm personality and infectious laugh. You feel like she’s one of your girlfriends. Don’t let that fooled you into thinking she’s going to go easy on you. She has you moving constantly; she starts out with a simple routine where you’re walking or moving side-to-side and then builds onto it. She’ll remind you to move your arms and will show you how those moves can work your chest and back as well.

Every time I have used this DVD I set out to just do one of the miles, but I’m having so much fun I ended up doing all three miles. I know some people don’t think they’re exercising unless the workout’s dead serious and someone’s barking at them. I don’t see why you can’t have fun and work that body at the same time; Sansone seems to agree.

Leslie Sansone Just Walk/Walk to the Hits: Radio Remixes

Suggested retail: $14.98

Time: 48 minutes

Words to live by: “Every beat gets you moving your feet.”

– Sue Ontiveros