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Sue’s Morning Stretch: Take on Epic Fail Challenge at Soldier Field

Run a 5K, do a dozen goofy challenges, all at Soldier Field.

Does that sound like fun or what?

That’s the premise of Epic Fail Challenge, which will be held Aug. 23 at Soldier Field.

This isn’t a timed race, so calm down Type A’s. The atmosphere is more relaxed, so you can embrace any failure you might have on the challenges. Like I said, this is supposed to be fun.

And those challenges? They will remind you of ones you’ve seen on reality shows. Here’s your chance to flail and fall just like they do on TV while doing things like the Leap Frog, Dodgeball Duck and the Foam Pit Frenzy. Oh, and of course, water is involved (isn’t it always?) in the Dash N’ Dive.

Beyond the fun there’s a fund-raising angle as well. Participants can raise cash for St. Jude and what organizers say will be the first proton radiation therapy center designed for children.

Signup costs $75 through Aug. 21; it’s $90 at the event. More information here.

 — Sue Ontiveros