Becoming an adult doesn’t mean you want to stop celebrating Halloween. But who says you need a costume to get into the spirit of the season?

While the kids are out trick or treating, enjoy a cup of Halloween-inspired tea from DAVIDsTEA. There are a couple different ways to do this.

You could get the company’s collection of teas, The Book of Spells. It includes Forever Guts (AKA Forever Nuts), Banana Nut Dead (Banana Nut Bread) and Chocolate Macadoom (Chocolate Macaroon). Creative, fun names get me every time.



Then there’s the blend that’s back from beyond, Stormy Night Tombstone. (OK, actually it’s a tea blend that was retired from the collection that’s back for a short time.) Fans will remember the black tea brings together chocolate, coconut, vanilla and cinnamon. Now that sounds like a treat! (BTW, the teas are organic and kosher.)

You can find them around Chicago here (sorry, they’re out of stock online, but if you aren’t in Chicago, you can use that same link to check out locations near you). They sound like the perfect accompaniment to sip while watching “Practical Magic,” my current favorite to watch during the Halloween season.


TOP PHOTO: Sun-Times File Photo