You’ve got the training shoes, the running shoes, the hiking shoes, the warm weather gear, the cool weather gear, the headphones, the BPA-free water bottle.

But the country’s obsession with fitness products has hit another level: Jewelry. The creators of QALO think you should show your commitment to your marriage at all times — so they’ve designed a line of silicone wedding bands meant to be worn in the dirtiest, sweatiest and most intense situations.

Do you worry about your ring when you leave it in your gym locker, or are you concerned you’re damaging it when you wear it while lifting? Many precious metals are pretty soft, after all.

You could just leave it at home. But QALO, which stands for Quality Athletics Love and Outdoors, says the $15 rings made from 100 percent medical grade silicone can go anywhere you go.

It seems a little ridiculous for your average weekend warrior to get one; if gardening, hitting the gym or changing your car’s oil has you worried about your wedding band, there’s no reason you can’t take it off for a little while. But deployed soldiers, firefighters or other people who work in physical or dangerous jobs might find a real use for them.

Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton wears one every game, by the way.

The rings come in a men’s and women’s style, and a variety of colors.