Michael Madigan

News and updates related to Illinois politician Michael Madigan, Speaker of the House and state representative from Illinois’ 22nd district.

The Securities and Exchange Commission also filed charges against Exelon and ComEd, but their charges will be settled for $46.2 million.
One marketing expert compared the decision to retire the Madigan & Getzendanner brand, which bears the name of the indicted ex-Illinois House speaker, with ValuJet Airlines’ decision 30 years ago to change its name after a plane crash.
A prominent communications firm that helped launch a high-profile effort to assist victims of sexual harassment, rape and assault was also a paid adviser to then Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan while he was being sued by Alaina Hampton, one of those victims.
Ald. Marty Quinn is circulating petitions for the 13th Ward spot after Madigan, 81, opted not to run. Madigan’s racketeering trial is set for April 1 — 13, days after the March 19 Illinois primary.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Julia Schwartz has signaled one witness will likely be former state Rep. Greg Harris, who was secretly recorded by the FBI speaking with a longtime Madigan ally about becoming majority leader.
Tim Mapes goes on trial Monday on charges of perjury and attempted obstruction of justice for his alleged bid to block the criminal investigation of the former House speaker and of Springfield insider Michael McClain.
Defense attorneys also revealed the FBI tried to convince Tim Mapes to work as a “confidential witness” during a meeting in Springfield in February 2019. Mapes “politely declined.”
The state General Assembly Retirement System board voted to strip former state Rep. Luis Arroyo of his more than $4,500-a-month state pension, citing state law that allows retirement benefits to be taken from ex-lawmakers if they commit felonies arising from their time in office.
The verdict is the second in less than two months to address separate bribery schemes inside the Illinois Capitol. Weiss is a son-in-law of former Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios.
Former Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner deflected reporters’ questions about Democrats’ continued placement of blame on him or a two-year budget impasse when he was governor. He also didn’t mention his now-indicted nemesis, former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan.
The ruling from U.S. District Judge John Kness keeps the trial of Timothy Mapes on track for Aug. 7.
Defense attorney Scott Lassar told the Chicago Sun-Times he was referring to possible rulings by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, or even the U.S. Supreme Court.
The company will not say how much it has paid to attorneys representing ex-CEO Anne Pramaggiore and VP John Hooker, but a rep says ratepayer funds are not used.
Sentencing hearings for the former ComEd executives and contractors are scheduled for three months before the trial of former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.
The suspension against McClain, a top confidant of former House Speaker Michael Madigan, may not hold since his crimes occurred years after his time in office.
Michael Madigan confidant Michael McClain, former ComEd CEO Anne Pramaggiore, ex-ComEd lobbyist John Hooker and onetime City Club President Jay Doherty were all accused in the trial of a bribery conspiracy aimed at illegally swaying the powerful Democrat to benefit ComEd.
‘We felt this went beyond goodwill to “intent to influence,”’ said the jury foreperson, Sarah Goldenberg, a 34-year-old data analyst.
‘This guilty on all charges verdict has proven what Republicans have already known. We need real ethics reform,’ Illinois House Republican Leader Tony McCombie said at a news conference in Springfield after the verdict.
After six weeks of trial, 12 jurors are considering the merits of the case that ended former House Speaker Michael Madigan’s record-breaking grip on power.
Four former political power players are accused of arranging for jobs, contracts and money for Madigan allies in an illegal bid to sway Madigan on legislation crucial to ComEd. Their trial is in its seventh week, and jurors could begin deliberating Tuesday.
The jury will have a mountain of evidence to sort through. Jurors heard from about 50 witnesses over five weeks, saw piles of emails and heard a cache of secret FBI recordings that form the backbone of the feds’ case.
Anne Pramaggiore went toe-to-toe with Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah Streicker, who questioned Pramaggiore for around two and a half hours and challenged the assertions Pramaggiore made Monday on the witness stand.
Anne Pramaggiore testifies in her defense that she was unaware that the contractors hired by the utility through Jay Doherty’s company had connections to the ex- speaker.
Anne Pramaggiore will face more questions when the ComEd bribery trial resumes Monday, when she will surely face vigorous cross-examination by prosecutors in the high-stakes case.
Rudy Acosta Jr. cooperated with the government against corrupt Chicago politicians. His son, Rudy Acosta III, worked with the feds targeting drug traffickers.