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11 people arrested in protest at West Loop Walmart

Sun-Times file photo

Eleven people were arrested at a protest while trying to block the checkout lines at a Walmart store in the West Loop late Wednesday morning.

About 200 protesters showed up the store at 570 W. Monroe about 10:45 a.m. to call for the County Board to pass the Responsible Business Act, according to a statement from IIRON. The act would require large corporations to pay workers a living wage, or pay Cook County a fee to cover the costs of providing healthcare and other services to low-wage workers.

“We’re done asking Walmart nicely to do right by workers and taxpayers,” IIRON leader Michael Collins said in a statement. “Last year, Walmart’s profits exceeded $16 billion. It’s clear Walmart can afford to pay workers in its 25 Cook County stores a living wage or to cover the cost of the social safety net their workers need in order to survive.”

The protestors blocked all the store’s cashier’s lanes. Eleven┬áprotestors were arrested when they would not disperse at officers’ request, according to Chicago Police. It was not immediately known if they would be charged.