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Redskins' Samuels fined for season-ending hit on Garay

Antonio Garay received justice, however insignificant it actually is, when the league announced Friday that Washington Redskins left tackle Chris Samuels was fined $12,500 for an illegal chop block that ended the defensive tackles season.

Garay has had surgery to repair his fractured right leg near the ankle, very similar to the injury running back Cedric Benson suffered, after he was KOd by Samuels in the Dec. 6 game at FedEx Field in Landover, Md.

The Redskins were running a counter to the right with running back Clinton Portis and Garay had engaged center Casey Rabach up high. That is when Samuels dove with his left shoulder at Garays right leg, snapping it, and in the eyes of the league violating the rule against chop blocks that makes it illegal to go at a player low when he is engaged with a teammate up top.

The hit angered many Bears following the game, and well see if there is more reaction to the fine coming off the practice field this afternoon.