Krieg: Bears should pursue McNabb

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GREEN BAY, Wis.In an NFL career that spanned 19 seasons, Dave Krieg never got to do what he always wanted toplay for the Green Bay Packers.

And if he couldnt do that, hed have liked to have joined the Bears before 1996 when he was in the twilight of his career at 37. Spotted Sunday night at Lambeau Field, Krieg said hes well aware of the Bears incessant issues at the position. Hes on the list of 21 quarterbacks to start for the franchise during the ironman streak of the Packers Brett Favre, who he was waiting to visit with in the locker room following the game.

Krieg was raised in Wausau, Wis., and went to now defunct Milton College, not far from Janesville, Wis., just north of Rockford, Ill. The three-time Pro Bowler still ranks among the most prolific passers in league history with 38,147 yards. He made 12 starts in 96 and compiled a passer rating of 76.3. Of the clubs regular starters since only Erik Kramer (1998), Shane Matthews (1999) and Jim Miller (2002) fared better.

They should get somebody, Krieg said. Get a solid quarterback and put him in there so they dont have to make any, `Well, were going to stick with this guy no matter what [commitments] because that puts you in a tough corner if youre Lovie Smith.

They need to find somebody. They need to get an experienced guy and then draft a young guy, kind of like the reverse of Brett and Aaron Rodgers here.

Look at Jeff Garcia. Thats a guy the Bears could have gotten last offseason. Kurt Warner, they could have gotten him in the past, he would have been alright.

Donovan McNabb. Hes from Chicago. They should go after him hard. Looks like hes going to stay in Philadelphia, but so what? They should go after him hard. He would love to go to Chicago I think. It would be a breath of fresh air for him. Im not a general manager, but thats what I would work for if I was there.

Krieg, who now lives in the Phoenix area, badly wanted to play for Green Bay in 1995 following one season in Detroit. He lost out to Jim McMahon, who the Packers signed to back up Favre.

Mike Holmgren and Ron Wolf didnt want me and they got McMahon that year and went to the Super Bowl. I said, `Ill hold two, three clipboards just to be here, and Ill play for the minimum.

I hope the Bears find one because theyve got a good football team. I dont even know if they have an above-average quarterback right now. Heck, I wish I had gotten there earlier in my career.

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