Bears Brightside Vol. 11: It’s the Bears world; Falcons and fates only occupy it

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Greg Olsen allows Falcons linebacker Michael Boley to break up a pass in yesterday’s game. That was very kind of you, Greg. (AP Photo)

Brilliant. Cunning. Genius. Revolutionary.

These are the words that come to mind when I reflect on the Bears’ mammoth display of raw power and mercy yesterday against the Falcons.

Sure, some of you out there were probably left with mouths agape after the Falcons walked away with a 22-19 victory in the final second of the game. But you have to realize that the Bears were simply playing puppet master with fate itself. Indeed, the Bears stared fate in the eye yesterday and said, “We own you, fate. We dictate the outcome of games … not you.”

So why would the Bears do this? Why would they benevolently step aside at the last moment and allow a far less superior Falcons team to ‘steal’ a win? Why wouldn’t they just dominate throughout the entire game like they’re so capable of doing?

It’s the same reason Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest people in the universe, still lives in a relatively modest house he purchased for $31,500 in 1958. Just as Buffett doesn’t need lavish living quarters to flaunt his financial and personal worth, so the Bears don’t need “wins” or “consistently strong play” to prove they’re the greatest team ever, of any sport, to walk onto a field of grass or artificial turf in the history of planet Earth.

People tend to focus on who had more points at the end of a game. Some people would like to focus on the decisions made within that game that may have led to one team having less points than the other team at the end of said game. But what are these “points” really? If the point system were fair in football, sheer greatness and unadulterated omnipotence would count for something.

Then the Bears would end up with more of your precious points as time expired.

Luckily, I see what many don’t. I see that the Bears allowed the Falcons to think they were in control of yesterday’s game only to come back at will and prove that they could win the game, but choose not to. It’s a classic example of the Gods toying with mere mortals for their own amusement.

Fear not, Bears fans. For you are witnessing history. You have the pleasure of rooting for a team that, if you’re able to see its true inherent all-powerfulness, can never lose a football game.

Don’t question their motives. Though the Bears gaveth to Jason Elam, let us not remember that they can taketh away whenever they want.

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