When did this become ‘Clowning With the Stars’?

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It was an odd Monday night of competition, filled with hits and misses and not much sparkle (very few standing-Os to speak of).

And then there was the Misty May-Traenor moment: She tore her Achilles tendon during last Friday night’s practice run with partner Maksim Chmerkovsky. We had to wait all night to hear the news from the lovely and graceful Misty who hobbled onto the dance floor via crutches with 20 minutes left in the show.

She then revealed (and video tape replay showed) how she heard a very loud “pop” on Friday night and thought she had hit the judges’ dias with her foot. Alas, would that were the case. The pop meant the end of her ‘Dancing’ career and surgery Tuesday morning at an L.A. hospital. She explained that she had planned to take a year off anyhow to spend with her hubby, so the timing was perfect for a disastrous injury. May-Traenor kept her composure and praised Maks and the rest of the ‘Dancing’ crew, vowing to be back at some future season to dance the jive she and Maks were rehearsing.

As for Maks, he seemed genuinely sad and commented that when they went to the hospital (via ambulance) “[Misty] was laughing and I was asking for Vicodin.”

Up to that point (which then became a Misty and Maks love fest), the dancing was good but nothing exciting. And the judges continued their harsh criticisms.

Susan Lucci, herself sporting a wrapped ankle was too timid for the Jive. Lance Bass and his raucous partner Lacey tried a “traditional” Viennese waltz but failed to impress. They even visited a senior home in L.A. to get into the mindset of the “older generation.” It was insulting. Though Bruno calling Len “the cast of ‘Cocoon’ over here’ was funny. L&L looked positively repulsed as they danced before a group of lovely seniors who got ’em back (unknowingly) by asking “Where’s Cloris?”

Speaking of La Leachman, please PLEASE go home while you still have one shred of decency left. The absolutely horrid “jive” she and Corky attempted was just sick. Crawling around on the floor like two dogs attempting a bit of romance does not a jive make. Yes, she is funny and boy is she entertaining, but she has truly sunk to all new lows.

Maurice Green turned in an energized jive, while Rocco DiSpirito proved he can’t dance the Viennese Waltz blindfolded or otherwise. Cody proved why he’s still a kid, his jive was so much fun he was exhausted by it.

The highpoint of the evening was again Warren Sapp who danced a gorgeous Viennese Waltz, demonstrating “the softer side of Sapp.” It was a beautiful dance and the judges should have coughed up more than 25 points for it.

Toni Braxton looked ridiculous in her Marie Antoinette get up for her waltz, and Bruno and Len agreed. Quipped Len: The last refuge of bad dancers is gimmicks and props, and you don’t need either.” Bravo Len. She didnt’ need any of that “window dressing.”

Brooke Burke and Derek are still atop the leader board earning a solid 29 for their waltz, though the trials and tribulations of their tumultuous week of arguments showed on their tired faces. It was a beautiful waltz, but they just seemed removed.

Looks like it’s anybody’s guess who leaves Tuesday night. And honestly, if it’s not Cloris, there’s something seriously wrong with the voting that’s going on. She is not dancing. This is not “Clowning with the Stars.”

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