Combine: Veteran coach wants to pass on this class of QB’s

SHARE Combine: Veteran coach wants to pass on this class of QB’s

INDIANAPOLISGloomy with a chance of there being some coach killers.

Thats how one veteran quarterbacks coach summed up the workouts by the passers Sunday in the RCA Dome. No position draws more scrutiny than the quarterback, and hes the guy that often times the fate of offensive coordinators, head coaches and general managers are tied to, like it or not.

The coach we talked to after he was done surveying the action sounded like a man who wants no part with any of the Class of 2008. He shared his assessment of the action:

“Awful. This is the worst I have seen. There were a lot of bad football players on that field.

Matt Ryan didnt throw today. On film, I like him. I think hes the best of the bunch. But we havent seen him yet. Brian Brohm threw today. I think he was OK. But he didnt jump out at you like a top-10 pick, or anything close to that. After that, gosh, it was bad.

Chad Henne is a big, slow release guy. Hes got a big, wide base, kind of a squatter, not fundamentally very strong. There just arent many fundamental quarterbacks.

“The kid from Nebraska [Sam Keller] was just awful.

Joe Flacco, fundamentally hes pretty good. But I watched him take about a million sacks on tape. Hes a big, tall, long release guy. My whole deal with him is if he took a million sacks in college, whats going to happen in the NFL? Kind of reminds me of that big kid from Michigan that Arizona had, John Navarre. Same thing. He took too many sacks. He couldnt move around. Just like that kid from Arizona State that wound up in Oakland, Andrew Walter. Hes going to be out of the league in another year. Do you want him?

Andre Woodson? He didnt do anything either. I guess Ill have to go watch him work out at some point.

This coach wont be holding his breath on the way to that workout either.

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