Sweet: New Clinton “Red Phone” ad raises questions about Obama and national security. UPDATE Obama fires back in Houston. Video.

SHARE Sweet: New Clinton “Red Phone” ad raises questions about Obama and national security. UPDATE Obama fires back in Houston. Video.


HOUSTON, TEXAS–A stark new ad by the Clinton campaign–“Its 3am and your children are safe and asleep” and something is happening–:Who do you want answering the phone?” is triggering a strong response by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and his team.

At a veterans event here, a very serious looking Sen. Barack Obama just responded. He said the ad plays on “peoples fears.”

“I don’t think these ads will work this time because the question is not about picking up the phone, but the question is what kind of judgment will you exercise when you pick up that phone.

“In fact, we have had a red phone moment. It was the decision to invade Iraq. Sen. Clinton gave the wrong answer. George Bush gave the wrong answer. John McCain gave the wrong answer.

But I stood up and said that a war in Iraq would cost us thousands of lives and billions of dollars…

….thats the kind of judgment I intend to show when I answer that phone in the White House as President of the United States of America,” Obama said.

That phrase that Obama used–that Clinton had her “red phone moment” was the same language Obama campaign manager David Plouffe used earlier in a Friday morning conference call. “We dont think the ad is going to be effective at all, because Sen. Clinton has already had her red phone moment,” Plouffe said.

from the Clinton campaign….

New National Security Ad Asks Voters

Who They Want In The White House During A Crisis

Its 3AM and your children are safe and asleep.

Who do you want answering the phone?

AUSTIN, TX The Hillary Clinton campaign unveiled a new national security ad that asks voters who they want answering the phone at the White House during a crisis. The 30-second spot called Children will begin airing in Texas starting this Friday. The ad points to Hillary Clintons strength and experience to be president at this time and the clear positive choice she represents.

One of the most important duties of the President is ensuring the safety of the American people, said retired General Wesley Clark. Inevitably, another national security crisis will occur. And when it does, voters shouldnt have to wonder whether their President will be ready. As President, Hillary will be ready to act swiftly and decisively.

The stakes for our nation have never been higher, said Retired General John Watkins. As someone who has met with world leaders and is a leader on national security in the US Senate, I am confident that Hillary Clinton is ready to serve as our nations Commander in Chief on day one. She would come to the job more prepared than most of our recent Presidents and certainly with better judgment.

America faces a number of daunting challenges. I am confident that Hillary Clinton will meet these challenges and that she has the experience and judgment necessary to be Commander-in-Chief today, said former Secretary of the Navy John Dalton. As President, I am also confident that she will re-establish our moral authority and our leadership throughout the world.

The ad begins airing on the same day that Clinton is scheduled to hold a campaign rally with veterans and flag officers in Waco.

Click here to view the ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M70emIFxETs

The script for Children follows:

Its 3am and your children are safe and asleep

But theres a phone in the White House and its ringing

Somethings happening in the world

Your vote will decide who answers that call.

Whether its someone who already knows the worlds leaders, knows the military – someone tested and ready to lead in a dangerous world

Its 3am and your children are safe and asleep

Who do you want answering the phone?


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