Sweet: Obama on attack ads

Michelle and Barack Obama on the campaign plane during a press conference. March 4, 2008. Photo by Lynn Sweet.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS–Audio of Sen. Barack Obama press conference aboard his campaign plane courtesy of USA Today LINK

Excerpts from Obama presser on the plane

If you lose Ohio will you blame the NAFTA/Canada problem?

” I mean we were 20 points behind a couple weeks ago and now were in a virtual dead heat. So just remember where we were and where weve been.”

Attack ads having an effect?

“Look I mean theres no doubt that if youre being attacked every day that it creates a sense of turbulence in the minds of people. Our job is just to make sure that we stay clear about how we are gonna fix healthcare, how were gonna provide affordable housing to people and affordable college educations, bring back jobs. Just remember what weve been doing has worked. Its put us in a position now where I am you know confident that we can maintain a pledged delegate lead going into the convention. So theres no reason why we would want to change our approach in terms of talking to voters.”

Any possibility that she could win the nomination?

“I think that they are tenacious candidates and a.. tenacious campaign. I think that she is going to push as hard as she can. As they said employ the kitchen sink strategy and see if it works. And our job is just to stay and keep playing our game.”

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