Sweet: “Obamalot!” The Gridiron Club take on Obama.

SHARE Sweet: “Obamalot!” The Gridiron Club take on Obama.
SHARE Sweet: “Obamalot!” The Gridiron Club take on Obama.

WASHINGTONCest Moi! Barack, so went a ribbing of White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) at the 123rd annual dinner of The Gridiron Club on Saturday night where he was gently mocked to a tune from Camelot. I knowmay I sayhow well I think of me. As so, J.F.K. I shall be!

The Gridiron lyrics..


(to the tune of Cest Moi, from Camelot, Music by Frederick Lowe, Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner)

Obama, dressed like a knight in shiny armor

O-bama-lot! O-bama-lot!

As just a lad I heard the call.

O-bama-lot! O-bama-lot!

And arent you glad Ill give my all?

I knowmay I sayhow well I think of me

As so, J.F.K. I shall be!

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A man who is peddling hope must have audacity!

Bring style where a grasping feminist wont do.

Climb a wall no else can climb;

Slay a Clinton in record time;

Be a man who can make a fairy tale come true!

No matter how slippery his generality,

Some vaporous dreams should be his daily fare!

But where in the world,

Is there in the world,

A man so extraordinaire?

Cest moi! Barack!

A hottie mais non?

Im far too noble too lie!

The one guy who

Stands outin my view,

Cest moi, Barack! Tis I.

Id never stray from what I believe

My incredible lifeits all true.

Tis I can make the elephants grieve,

Can turn red states to blue.

Cest moi, Barack.

Im really fired up

A new Prometheus! (with spouse)

And here I stand, specifics, untold.

Incredibly clean, articulate-bold!

To bring ME to the White House.

Cest moi!

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