Butt photos, rainbows and Wild Sunday 4-20-08

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I may have to rethink cigarette butts and wild things after the photos and note Chris Taglieri sent last week. Be aware somewhat disgusting photos are below.

I always thought of tossed cigarette butts as more unsightly than deadly.

Maybe that is only the self-deluding side of me, you know, from the bad old days when I smoked. I quit more than 11 years ago.

Somehow I wanted to believe the thousands of cigarette butts I tossed out of car and truck windows or flicked away while walking down the sidewalk weren’t that bad.

Taglieri, whose 18-pound steelhead was Fish of the Week on Wednesday, has been putting in some serious fishing time at Burnham harbor. He noticed something in the rainbow trout he caught last week.

Thought I would send you a couple pics of this. I caught a small rainbow trout in Burnham as I have been catching daily and upon cleaning fish I always look in the stomach to see what they are feeding on. Well, I clean this one and find two cigarette butts inside the stomach. Then I do a search `cigarette butts in fish’ and find many sites about cigarette butts killing birds and fish. I am no `tree hugger’ but this brought some interest to me just thinking there is no way that this fish could ever digest these butts and would have eventually died from these. They were extra slimy and upon pulling them apart it was apparent what they were. Just found this a bit interesting. I guess even the fish are addicts now.

Do the Google, it is quite interesting what turns up.





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