Hannah Montana... sex symbol???

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To be clear, as a professional rock critic and amateur hedonist, I am no prude. But I found the quickly becoming notorious, provocatively posed, semi-nude Annie Liebovitz photo of Miley Cyrus for the new Vanity Fair pretty darn disturbing for the way it sexualizes a 15-year-old whose entire career as Hannah Montana was corporately crafted by the Disney Empire to appeal to other girls that age and much, much younger.

Still, I wanted a reality check to see how this might play to the pop singer and actress’ target demographic. Here is the critique of a certain 11-year-old critic and Hannah fan of my acquaintance:

Oh my god! She looks stupid! I like Hannah Montana and all, but why is she all glammed-up like that when she looks good just being herself? It’s like she’s trying to look a lot older — or cause some controversy. I think she must have just had a break-up, and she’s looking for attention! She looked a lot better in concert.

Pretty astute observations, one and all.

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