Flipping, flopping and musing

So Lou changes the lineup after two games and puts Soriano back in the leadoff spot? What’s the big deal? Piniella’s still well behind the pace he set last year when he used 125 different lineups. And Soriano — well, he may be ill-suited for the leadoff spot, but he’s even less suited for No. 2.

And let’s be clear about one thing. The move was inevitable as soon as the Cubs closed spring training without getting Baltimore leadoff man Brian Roberts in a trade.

“There are other reasons why I put him in the 2 hole [in spring training] for godssake. You know?” Piniella said before today’s game, clearly referring to the anticipation of a possible trade for a leadoff man and not wanting to spring a lineup change on Soriano on Opening Day.

So Soriano’s back in the leadoff spot. It’s not perfect. Not by a long shot. But they won a division with him there last year, and when he’s hot, it’s not the worst thing in the world for him to have him as high in the lineup as possible to get him the most at-bats possible.

Besides, the bigger issue might be what to eventually do with Fukudome. I mean, he’s got to bat second, right? Forget protecting Ramirez in the five hole — what good is protection for the run-producers if nobody’s on base?

So maybe Soriano moving back to his comfort zone at the top of the order — as this roster is put together right now — should be embraced by Cub fans. And as far as the other lineup changes that are sure to follow throughout the year, bring them on. Hey, maybe one of them will eventually include Roberts.

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